Construction forward look w/c 27th April

As part of our commitment to providing regular updates for local residents during this period of lockdown please find some info below for the week commencing 27th April.

During this week we will continue to take out flooring including concrete, timber and soil in Block F using excavators and diggers. Work will continue to the roof of Block F closest to the Railway Path along with the removal of blocks at the Co-Operation Road end and so there will be workforce on the scaffolding and the use of excavators and tippers both inside and outside.

Early this week we will complete the installation of a temporary water supply to Block F to reduce dust and debris as we continue to strip the roof. The towable bowser remains in use on other areas of the site to dampen down work areas on a regular basis. We will also continue to refrain from undertaking internal works to block F until after 9am whilst the lockdown continues, however we would like to clarify that work may begin elsewhere on site before this time. We continue to monitor noise and vibration levels daily to ensure they are within permitted levels and investigations into extra equipment and different working practices to further reduce disturbance remain ongoing – please bear with us whilst we plan and put these into practice.

We would like to make residents aware that some material which was suspected to contain asbestos was recently discovered beneath the floor void in part of block F. It is important to note that it is not at all unusual for asbestos to be found in buildings built before the year 2000. Upon discovery, work to the area was stopped immediately and licensed contractors were appointed to sample and test the material. Whilst the results of the testing are awaited, the area has been isolated as a precaution to prevent access. If the material is found to be positive, a licensed contractor will be appointed to remove it safely. Background air monitoring was carried out with a negative reading produced, advising that no asbestos containing material fibres have been released into the air. Please note that there have been no suspected asbestos containing materials found in the roof space. All work has and will continue to be carried out in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Please note we continue to respond daily to the evolving Covid 19 situation and the work we have planned may sometimes change due to the level of available workforce. We will do our best to keep you updated with any material changes that may affect you. On social media please follow @ChocFactoryBris on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as we will keep this updated with any news.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding work activities at any time please email