We are pleased to provide the following information regarding planned construction activity for the week commencing 21st September 2020.  Please note that the work we have planned may sometimes change. We will do our best to keep you updated with any material changes that may affect you.

This week, we will continue the concrete repair works to Block D columns adjacent to Co-Operation Road, along with work to the concrete frame. We expect to generate some noise as we break out and excavate concrete externally for the provision of new drainage runs in the area adjacent to Block C, Block D and adjacent to Block F and Terrace 5 using excavators with pecker attachments, rollers and removal wagons. As always, we will monitor noise and vibration levels daily to ensure these continue to remain within permitted levels. There will be plant movements around the areas of the stockpile located adjacent to the cycle track and movement of material to the location in front of Block D and Block C.

As of 21st September we will need to close a part of Co-Operation Road in order to install the mains utilities to the development. This will mean that Camelford Road, Camerton Road and Turley Road will be open to residents but closed to through traffic. All pedestrian and cycle routes throughout the area will remain open and diversion routes will be in place. The traffic management plan has been approved by Bristol City Council and we anticipate the closure will be in place until November.

With regards to Block F, we have completed the erection of scaffolding to the front of the building but there will be some minor adjustments to the existing scaffolding on other elevations.  Other ongoing work in this area includes the removal of blockwork to both the front and rear elevations by our workforce on the scaffolding.  Internally, we will be installing new blockwork, fixing new brick ties and installing scaffolding which will generate some drilling noise as we safely fix this to the walls.. We will be continuing with the removal of the brickwork between the roof structure using both hand tools and mechanical breaking equipment and cutting to the steel columns which will generate some noise with the use of angle grinders. We will also be commencing with the removal of concrete footings in Block F Houses towards the end of this week using pecker attachment and excavators which will also generate some noise and vibration.

Elsewhere on site, we will be continuing with the installation of scaffolding to Terrace 2 and Block E while continuing scaffold erection to Terrace 3 and Terrace 4. New brickwork will continue to Block E and Terrace 2 and continue to Terraces 3 and 4. We will also continue with the joist installation to Terrace 2 which will potentially generate some noise by use of hand tools.  Throughout the week, we expect ongoing deliveries including articulated vehicles via the site entrance on Greenbank Road. To advise, it is our intention to work on Saturday between the hours of 0800hrs and 1300hrs to continue the drainage installation to the Railway Path end of Block D. This will involve the use of an excavator to remove soil however we do not expect to  generate any excessive noise in carrying out this operation.

A towable water bowser remains in use to dampen down work areas around the site on a regular basis. In addition to this, we have the provision of a water cannon which is being used for dust suppression which is situated in the area of Block F by the elevation closest to the Railway Path.

On social media please follow @ChocFactoryBris on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as we will keep this updated with any relevant news and updates.  For those without regular access to digital media, a community noticeboard is displayed on the hoarding at the entrance to site on Greenbank Road.