Week commencing 19th September 2022

As part of our commitment to the local community here is our look ahead at building works that will be in progress next week:

We are pleased to provide the following information regarding planned construction works for the week of the 19th of September 2022. Please note that the work we have planned may sometimes change. We will do our best to keep you updated with any material changes that may affect you.

NB: As a mark of respect to Her Majesty and the Royal Family,  Sweets have decided to close the site on 19 September 2022 and the Scheme will be closed that day in light of the Bank Holiday.

There continues to be plant and machinery movements around the areas of Terrace 5 and Block G located adjacent to the Railway Path as we progress with the roads and footpaths and roofing works continue to Block G with the internal fit out continuing to Terrace 5.

In Block D, works are progressing to the lift cores on the 5th floor, and external areas. Demolition works continuing on the roof level and all things going well we are hoping to complete these works within 1 weeks, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. This will involve percussive equipment to remove the screed and the removal of the lift over runs along with making several new openings within the existing structures. The scaffolding to the perimeter of the building has now been completed, and the brickwork has commenced to the commercial space and will be held at this point until all concrete repairs are completed.

Block F Apartments have now been handed over and we continue with internal fit out of the town houses along with all external works including services.

Block B brickwork to the façade is progressing along with the installation of windows, along with the internal stud walls, boarding and skimming.

A towable water bowser remains in use to dampen down work areas around the site on a regular basis. In addition to this, we have the provision of a water cannon which is being used for dust suppression which is situated in the area of Block F by the elevation closest to the Railway Path.

The terms agreed with the local supplier towards the end of last year to provide additional parking facilities off-site has continued to have had the intended positive effect of reducing the amount of sub-contractors parking on the public highway close to site. Nevertheless, we shall continue to monitor contractors’ parking on public highways and will make contact with BCC Parking Services in the event of vehicles found to be parked illegally.