Downsizing to The Chocolate Factory – The Chocolate Factory

Downsizing to The Chocolate Factory

Low maintenance new homes created on the site of the former chocolate factory in Greenbank are attracting those wanting to downsize and stay close to the city centre. 

Judi found there was little choice when she was looking for a new property with few maintenance issues after selling the home in Stoke Bishop that she had lived in for 30 years where she brought up her children. 

Judi, who works in the management side of education, researched the market and found most new homes being built on the outskirts of Bristol, but she preferred to be closer to the city. 

She said: “I had a look around and Greenbank stood out as a really nice area to live. There are a lot of community activities going on which I liked and I liked The Greenbank pub and the number of eateries that there are to drop into. I walk my dog so the fact there are so many parks and green spaces around was a strong factor and my new home overlooks the Bristol Bath Railway Path, which is another really nice walking route. 

“I also like the development as it was a mix of houses and apartments with some retail and offices so it felt like it had everything. Some of the apartments look like they will be superb with wonderful windows in them, so I believe it will be a great place to live. It is really taking shape. 

“Maintenance of my old house, which was built in the 1930s, was always expensive as every time you started doing any work it uncovered more work that had to be done. I wanted a new build but wanted it to be surrounded by other homes so that it remained safe while I was travelling. 

“It is great that there are shops not far away with many local independent shops, the great shops of St Mark’s Road and a large Tesco nearby. 

“I know there is a mixed reaction to what is happening in the area. Many people pleased to see homes instead of a derelict factory and others concerned that everyone moving in will lead to an increase in traffic but it will be a really interesting area to live in.”