Joint Statement from Sweet Construct and Generator South West – The Chocolate Factory

Joint Statement from Sweet Construct and Generator South West

We recognise that the nature of construction activities can sometimes cause disturbance to the local community for which we can only apologise.  Those on site are aware that they need to be mindful that many in the local community are at home due to the current situation. Noise monitoring is carried out at regular intervals throughout the day, along with automatically triggered vibration monitoring both of which remain within permitted levels.

We are in the process of setting up more regular updates to the local community about work on site and regulations. Unfortunately, these have been delayed due to the challenges of recent weeks. We are all in unprecedented times and the national situation continues to develop daily. Government and industry guidance will continue to be closely monitored. As would be expected, there also continues to be close liaison with industry bodies to ensure prompt action is taken if the situation changes.

Government guidelines for the construction industry are constantly being followed and continually tracked on a daily basis to ensure that the most current information is being adhered to whilst work at The Chocolate Factory is allowed to continue. A strict cleaning regime has been introduced on site and the current rules on social distancing have been put into practice.

Works on site remain compliant with Government and Construction Industry guidance on the management of the risks presented by COVID-19. In accordance with the latest official advice the following additional measures have been implemented:

  • Strict enforcement of social distancing and suspension of any activity which cannot meet enhanced requirements.
  • Should suspension of an activity occur our supply chain will be informed of any decisions which impact them.
  • Maintaining open lines of communication with all of our project stakeholders.

As many of the local residents will be aware, Generator South West has worked hard over the last few years with the local community, Bristol City Council and local councillors to design and deliver a scheme that best fulfils the needs and wishes of the local community. Recently we were able to announce that we had partnered with Yarlington Housing Group to supply 25% affordable housing on the site – there was no legal requirement to do this but as a company we felt it was the right thing to do.

We are in unprecedented and uncertain times and whilst it understandably hard for all of us to see past the current crisis right now, when this comes to an end we want to be able to provide homes for everybody. Sadly, all of the national issues around housing supply are likely to be exacerbated by this crisis. One of the ways we, and other construction sites, can help alleviate this is to continue with the programme to the best of our abilities whilst the Government allow us to do so.