Raising a family in Greenbank – The Chocolate Factory

Raising a family in Greenbank

Having decided that Bristol would be the perfect place to raise a family David and his partner Sara researched the market thoroughly before deciding that Greenbank ticked all the boxes for them.

They have moved into a three-bedroom townhouse in a new road at The Chocolate Factory after considering Westbury, Totterdown, Bedminster and Gloucester Road areas.

The transport links in Greenbank were a major factor for them with other areas ruling themselves out due to congestion and reliance on cars. But it was also the local shops and lifestyle that made them choose the area for their daughter to grow up.

Said David: “We rented in Pilning for a while so that we could look thoroughly at the areas in Bristol and decide where was best to live. Westbury was a nice area but there were few properties available within our price range.

“Traffic ruled out most of South Bristol. Then we found Greenbank and the Bristol and Bath Cycle Path was a big draw to us as a way of getting around and the area is easily accessible by train and it is easy to get out of the city on the M32.

“I grew up in a Council estate and I hear the claims of gentrification in inner city areas, but walking around this area I see a great environment where people want to raise their children in homes that they can afford.

“We weren’t particularly looking for a new build property. Ideally we would have liked a traditional bay-window house but we have been impressed with the build quality at The Chocolate Factory and the service we have had in sorting out the inevitable snags you get. I would have no qualms in recommending it to other people.

“There are a lot of great shops nearby where you can buy just about anything you need. My favourite places nearby are the Garden of Easton as a place to eat, the Greenbank pub and the Left Handed Giant as places for a drink. My favourite spot is Belle Vue Park where I take my daughter as it is a great place where I meet other people who live nearby with families and the children play together.”

Terrace 4, The Chocolate Factory, Bristol